March of the Vegetables Presents

Still Wild

10,000 years of salmon

1 month of celebration

Who are we?

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Still Wild
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Still Wild is a project of March of the Vegetables. Our latest endeavor, a month-long celebration of the amazing, enduring wild salmon in the Snoqualmie River. March of the Vegetables works to connect people with one another and with this exquisite place. We firmly believe that when we feel connected to each other and to the exquisite local environment, we have more desire and capacity to take care of the land and creatures. And we're a little happier.

Why Salmon?

Nothing connects us to place like seeing the magic of red slippery fish in the water The Snoqualmie River remains free flowing and hosts five species of salmon that have been returning for 10 000 years Salmon are deeply tied to the landscape as well as the culture and lifeways of the Valley s Original Peoples Miraculous

The Snohomish River Watershed

Did you know Right under our noses we are connected to one of most important watersheds for the salmon All that we do to our waterways positive and negative greatly impact our fishy friends

What we are doing?

September 9 @ 9a: Salmon Restoration Project

Join our partners at Mountains to Sound at Lake Sammamish Park.

September 14 @6p: Salmon Trivia Night

Come test your fishy knowledge at the Grange.

September 20 @6p-8:30p: Watershed Forum

Learn more about the Snoqualmie Watershed in Duvall's Depot Park.

September 30 @3p: Masked Migration

Bring a mask of your favorite salmon or other Snoqualmie creature and celebrate the magic of the valley. We'll be "migrating" from Valley House Brewing to the Grange.

Collect Trading Cards with Us

All month long collect Salmon trading cards A number of artists have donated images of salmon and their friends that will be printed on trading cards You can find these cards throughout the month at various locations in Duvall Stay tuned for more information

Have Ideas? Want to collaborate? Reach out!

We can't wait to hear from you!